Useful Links

Listed opposite are some of our favourite local suppliers. Click on the company name to visit their website and find out more about the great items that they produce and we stock for your convenience.

Also shown are links to our key distributors and some associated companies, where you can find out more about our partners and their approach to business.

Useful Links

Quality Bakery

Quality Bakery is a popular destination in Invermere, B.C. for those in search of the best in freshly baked breads, pastries, cakes, pies, cookies, and all the good things that come out of an oven.

Dave's Hot Pepper Jelly

A love of spicy food makes their work their passion. Dave's located in beautiful Invermere, British Columbia, between the Purcell and Rocky Mountain ranges, where each jar of Dave's Hot Pepper Jelly is lovingly hand-crafted.

Kicking Horse Coffee

Our mission is to stimulate the planet with the ultimate wake-up call. We have some big ideas ideas that go way beyond mere profit. These ideas govern everything we do, from buying only Fair Trade, organic beans to helping sustain our own community.

Associated Grocers

AG Foods stores are represented in three Western Canadian provinces with stores in more than 50 communities and more than 50 locations in British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan. Just as your needs are unique, so are the locally owned and operated AG Foods stores.

Horizon Distributors

As Western Canada's largest distributor of organic and natural products in the dry, chill and frozen categories, Horizon Distributors thrives as the market leader via effective partnerships and primary relationships with our valued retailers and trusted vendors.

Tree of Life Distributors

Our partnership with natural food retailers is in our roots. Tree of Life has become a highly respected distributor of natural, organic, specialty and multicultural food products. Today, we're proud to support thousands of retailers with the most complete selection of healthy lifestyle products available, from suppliers around the world.


The Canadian Federation of Independent Grocers (CFIG) is a non-profit trade association founded in 1962 which continues to be a collaborative community, equipping and enabling independent, franchised and specialty grocers for sustainable success. We act as a strong and united voice for over 4000 independent grocery retailers, across Canada, providing programs for operational excellence and fostering solid relationships among retailers and suppliers.