New & Innovative Products
Posted by Valley Foods on 2011-09-06

Do you ever wonder how an independent grocery store keeps up with the newest, most innovative products?  Well, it’s as simple as the difference between a fighter jet and an aircraft carrier...

Being independently owned has costs and benefits.  We may not have the resources of the commercial giants but we can respond faster to trends than they can.  A giant corporation is bogged down by its size, like an aircraft carrier it does not alter direction quickly.  AG Valley Foods is a fighter jet responding immediately to the winds of change.  That would make manager Eric our pilot, one of his passions is bringing in new products.  He devotes an enormous amount of time and energy to every aspect of improving our selection. 

You need to identify a new and exciting product.  Sometimes we have customer requests that lead us in a new direction, but often ideas come from our distributers.  Eric has cultivated a relationship with all of his suppliers, but one is very special.  Erin at Horizon Distributers is responsible for not only a lot of our newest products, but for some of our best deals on alternative products.  So, the relationship between your manager and suppliers is vital to keeping your store both current and reasonably priced.

Second, you are going to need to find somewhere to put these new products.  Not an easy feat when you have over 7000 different products on your shelves.  Sometimes this means that you have to discontinue products that just aren’t selling and sometimes this means changing the layout of an entire aisle.  It’s a time consuming and creative process that Eric really enjoys.

The last step is the least exciting, you need to enter the product in the computer system, print out the signage and update your order sheets.   Paperwork makes slaves of us all.

If you are ever in AG Valley Foods, and want to know what is new, just ask any of our friendly, knowledgeable staff! 

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