Welcome to our website!
Posted by Valley Foods on 2011-10-26

Valley Foods has gone viral! We have been working very hard over the last month designing our new website. We’ve included all of the pertinent Valley Foods information our customers’ desire, Flyers, email sign up, recipes and more…..

 Building a website is not as easy as one might expect, there’s a lot of blood, sweat and tears. Luckily, all of that blood, sweat and tears belong to Dave Best of Best Impressions photography and web design. I’d like to say that we were ideal clients and we caused Dave no extra work. In fact, I will say that. Of course, I am pulling your leg.

We had no idea what to expect when this process started. Somehow I imagined helping design a website would be a piece of cake. Wow, I was wrong. There is a lot of time involved; many lengthy phone calls and countless email.

Lucky for us, we chose the right web designer. Dave was an absolute pleasure to work with; he likes to laugh and keeps it light. A complete professional with a great deal of pride in the work he completes. We also had the luxury of working with a graphic designer, Will McKenzie of Pixel Planet design. Will has done most of the branding in our store since our renovation in 2008-09.

All and all, we at Valley Foods are very happy with our new website and hope you are too!

I would happily recommend Best Impressions to anyone looking to design their website. Check him out at Best Impressions

Need a great graphic designer? Try Will at Pixel Planet design