CFIG Independant Retailer of the Year Contest
Posted by Valley Foods on 2012-11-27

As some of you may know, AG Valley Foods is known by many in the Columbia Valley to be a clean, friendly store. Well, this year we decided to see how we matched up against some of the best in the industry! We decided to enter into CFIG's Retailer of the year program.  In May 2012, Jim Leishman, Former V.P. of Coca-cola and veteran CFIG grocery store evaluator, came to the Columbia Valley for the first time. He loved it....

I should clarify what CFIG is, as only a grocer would have any idea. CFIG stands for Canadian Federation of Independant Grocers. CFIG is here to help the independants with valuable information. The list of things that CFIG helps independants with is far too long to list. CFIG is a very large organization with members all across Canada including stores like Quality Foods, Save-on Foods, AG Foods (that's us!!) all the way to stores like Longo's in Toronto.

CFIG's retailer of the year contest is their signature program and is the most economic and efficient way to have your business evaluated year after year by a seasoned industry expert.

It rewards and recognizes the independent and franchised retailer on their consistent and creative approach to grocery retailing execution, but this is not a contest.

It is a Consultive program where each store is rigorously evaluated by a juror for retail excellence and is rated on its customer service, staff and department management, store layout, merchandising, creativity, cleanliness, and community involvement.that is designed to help enhance your overall operations and executions and is a great way to zone in on areas that may need improvement as well as keep track of your annual performance.

Independent and franchised stores from every region are given the opportunity to compete on the national stage and awards are given in the small, medium, large, specialty and heritage categories, at the prestigious Canadian Independent Grocer of the Year annual gala.

All that being said, Jim completed our evaluation and we waited for the results. In August we received new that we were a finalist for an award of merit. Sydney-Anne flew to Toronto where a huge Grocery trade show and award ceremony was held. We ended up receiving an award of merit!

An award of merit is given to the finalists in their category. We may not have been recognized as the top store in our category, but we were recognized as being one of the top stores in our class.

Good enough for this year! We will see Jim agin next spring, and I think he'll be blown away by some of the changes in the store! Thank-you CFIG!