Posted by Valley Foods on 2013-01-01

Banging, drilling and grinding. These were familiar sounds in December at AG Valley Foods. A Kitchen was born as Jim Duff of Quality First Distribution worked away creating a new Kitchen space. Now a mountain of stainless steel appliances can be seen next to the mountains on our mural. The Chef can now produce even more of his incredible meal creations for all to enjoy. He looks forward to tickling your taste buds!

 You can find a number of creations available everyday of the week. The Chef has a variety of fresh soups to choose from including WHEAT FREE and DAIRY FREE options! Maybe a Fresh made salad roll as a side to your delicious soup?

Even better,  try one of his entree dinners. Stuffed Chicken Breast and Pork Tenderloin, Chicken Parmesan, Melt in your Mouth BBQ Pork Ribs......

The list goes on and there seems to be no end to the Chefs' creativity! Come in and talk to Chef Hung in person. You just might get here at the right time to try a sample of what he's making today!

Chef Inspired meals with Grocery Store prices.