About Us

How does Valley Foods stand out? We start by listening to you, the customer. As independent operators, we embrace change and put it into effect readily and easily. When customers voice their opinions or concerns, the staff and management of Valley Foods listen, consider their options and respond quickly.

Valley Foods was listening when Baby Boomers said, "We want to enjoy an active and healthy lifestyle and we are ready to change our eating habits." They understood when Parents insisted, "We want to ensure our children get the best possible start in life." They complied when customers suggested, "We want access to alternative food groups. We want more choices." You will find a vast and exciting selection of alternative choices at Valley Foods. You are invited to take time to browse the aisles and explore these options!

We are devoted to the best selection possible across the board. Valley Foods has everything from national brands to organics and gluten frees to local products. We have long been partnered with Quality Bakery a local, exceptional European style bakery.

Valley Foods has seen many internal and external changes since Sydney-Anne Porter bought the business in 1998. Customers have reaped the benefits from a growing selection of delectable delights and frequent cosmetic face lifts. Life is never boring at 906-7th Avenue and change is a frequent visitor.

The biggest change took place when Sydney-Anne's sons, Eric and Greg Lapointe agreed to join her business in the spring of 2006. The 'boys' were eager, willing and passionate in their desire to develop and understand the grocery industry. Their passion and maturity grew as their knowledge and sense of community increased and now, Eric and Greg are effectively running the business. With great pride and confidence, Mom has handed over the reins and is assisting from the sidelines. Inspiration, vitality and passion are key elements of a successful business and Sydney-Anne trusts her 'boys' have it all!

Our Mission

Valley Foods is the cleanest, friendliest store in the world. We are dedicated to contributing to our community's well-being by providing a large selection of affordable and healthy choices.


produce department

From avocadoes to zucchini, colourful, delectable fruits and vegetables grown locally and sourced from all over the world to offer you the finest selection of gourmet produce.

meat department

With high quality beef, pork and chicken from Alberta, and seafood from around the world, our meat department is hands down, the best in the Columbia valley. Our meat cutters look forward to serving you!

bakery department

Featuring Invermere's own Quality bakery, we offer high quality breads and baked goods not found at any other grocery store in the Columbia valley. Whether its hotdog buns or organic bread, you can find it at Valley Foods.

organic department
Organic / Gluten Free:

We do groceries our way! Find over 400 Certified GLUTEN FREE products accompanied by a huge variety of Organic, Natural and vegetarian products in every aisle alongside our National brands.

everything else!

We carry all your basic needs in the health and beauty, and don't worry.... we've got your furry friends needs covered too!

deli department
Deli / Kitchen:

Our fully certified Chef is here to please. We offer a variety of delicious meals to go. Get it hot or take a FRESH chilled meal to heat at home. There's plenty of subs, sandwiches, a variety of salads and always a bowl of the Chef's soup. Choose from well over 30 fresh deli meats, a multitude of Canadian & Import cheeses, olives and much more! Fresh Sushi supplied 6 days / week.